I have waaaaay too many wishes. O_o Mostly because I love characters who are rare, and it makes it fiendishly hard to get ahold of any cels, especially with the money I have to offer. -_-; Of course, I will trade nearly any cel if it means I can get a wishlist one... not guaranteed, but feel free to ask!

But still... here goes the wishlist!

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Fushigi Yuugi OVA
Hotohori, since he always always seems to look fabulous in cels. *ahem* High
Kouji from TV or OVA.(If the cel looks anything like this pic.. whew, did it just get hot in here? O_O;;;) High
One of Tasuki AND Kouji together, like the pic. Very kawaii. High
Nakago, preferably a nice portrait one like this one! Low
One of Chichiri without his mask, no da? ^.^ Low
Rurouni Kenshin
A cool cel of Saitoh Hajime! YES PLEASE! Very High
ANY of Seijuroh Hiko. From little ones to full blown bloody enormous ones. I don't care. I want Hiko!! *_* Very High
Any of Katsuhiro "Tsunan" Tsukioka. (They're devilishly hard to find, and i missed out on buying one by a hair. I could cry, but I won't.. oh okay, I will. *bawls her eyes out*) High
Aoshi, since he always looks fab in cels as well. ^_^ Low

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